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Tilly takes on the challenge event number 2

A month flys by when your having fun! Before we know it it’s a week and a half before the second event of the season, we are scrambling around between the 2 of us to find the entry fee! It’s a mad rush to get the car ready!!

Del and myself try to keep our racing on the lower end of the budget racing, using second hand parts where we can to make our racing as enjoyable and affordable as we possibly can! My attitude towards it all now after many years is I’m here to make memories while I’m watching my pennies (not saying it works)!

The Saturday of the race weekend arrives we load the car on the trailer and off to ebbw vale we go!! Arriving on site to meet the rest of the team we unload and make our way to have the car checked over! Casually I’m sat on the back enjoying the view in a nice FLAT field! Then boom Del finds the biggest hole he can possibly find and drops the car into it with me on the back, before the event even starts hes dropping us into holes and flinging me across a field!!

Car all checked signed on, were set for the race day! The boys go look at the course while Jodie and I have our catch up! Before we know it it’s Saturday evening, back to driving school HQ we go to prepare for another event!!

6am Alarm is going off we’re up and we’re out heading up to face the day head on!!

drivers briefing we hear about cautions and the laps for the day! Before we know it it’s time to line up to start the day!!

Lap one as usual we approach with caution learning the course corner after corner caution after caution! I have to say ebbw vale for me is not one of my favourite places and with a head injury and a motocross track it’s safe to say it’s not really growing on me yet and I’ve races there for over 10 years!!

We we’re flying at this event working great as a team in the car, helping each other and learning the cars ability's and how she handles in all the rough sections on the course!

Before we knew it the day was over another event complete! Time to load up and head back to Driving school HQ! If only things were that simple!! Del only went and lost the keys to the discovery so we couldn’t get home!! Thankfully our amazing supporting friends helped us to Hotwire the car to get us home!!

another great event over time to put her in her house to think about all the power one day she could have if she kept behaving and not rolling over!!

Until next Time....

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