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4x4 Driving School Sponsors and Supporters

Here at the 4x4 driving school we are proud to announce out sponsors and our supporters who we are grateful for to help us develop and continue to provide you our customers the best experience possible.

We are proud to announce that CJR Supplies have very kindly offered to sponsor us not only as a business but part of our Race Team too.

Chris kindly offered to sponsor us here after having a muddy good day out, obviously we accepted this very generous offer.

He supplied us with our first aid Kits for both first aid locations of the site along with out portable first aid kit, that one of our guides has to hand at all times.

Chris also kindly provided us with a first aid kit for the rally car. keeping our team safe at all time's


Mutley Engineering:- John kindly puts in his time to help us keep the fleet running, he also helps on the Teams comp safari car keeping her up to competition standards.

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