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Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day!

The Team here at the school are all about family!

With that said, we have come together to arrange an extra special muddy good day out!!

On Saturday 28th December, you and the younger members of the family can come and enjoy a day in the mud.

Unfortunately we do have height and age restrictions due to them fitting in the harness safely.

(Must be 13 or over OR over 4ft) however is the parent/guardians responsibility for their child’s safety!!

We would love to try and make this a regular event in our calendar if this is a success.

Seats are £100 for the 2 of you per Hour.

Tickets will be going on sale from the 1st of December, all you will need to do is book your tickets give us a call and book on to the day. (please note we will be running these in time slots for everyone’s safety)

The event will be run in a controlled environment with the team outside the car to keep you on the right track.

We hope we will see you at our family day. In a way to celebrate the Christmas spirit

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