The Cars

We don't mind if they get knocked about, that's what they're for!

Our off-road fleet consists of 6 trucks all based on Land Rover 90's.


We've stripped them out to lighten them and add mud tyres and a roll cage. Basically, we've taken away all the unnecessary for you to hit the mud on our specially designed 4x4 off-road track.

We are supported by:


Dirty derv racing "dai & del" build race trucks together and race with eachother in the awdc

Unlike other off-roading experiences it's just you and the machine. we don't mind minor knocks, we want you to experience true off-roading and not a glorified drive in the country.

Each truck is fitted with a 4 point safety harness, full external roll cage, on board fire extinguisher, kill switches and we've removed all glass.


Our 4x4 cars are designed to be driven on rough and challenging terrain, we don't mind if they get knocked about.

Packed full of challenging 4x4 terrain,

this isn't just a drive in the country. 

We're just off of Junction 32 of the M4

in South Wales, noth of Cardiff