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Tilly Takes on the challenge Event Number 3

A manic few weeks pass, and with a blink of an eye Race weekend is here!! Crickhowell here we come!!

This weekend was the first event of the season we would camp, hoping that Del wouldn’t repeat last years antics here again this year. With the fear of the 4 roll over looming We pitch up make ourselves at home and settle down for the night with the race family, nice BBQ with the team and the kids, sitting discussing what tomorrow may bring, nights like these remind me of why I love the sport! You meet people they become friends who then become Family!

Sunday morning arrives we’re up we’re ready it’s time to get in the mind set of the day ahead!!

we decide to do the look see lap together donating £5 to the marshals, this gave us a slow idea of the course and and idea on how we would drive the course! With lots of hairpins and challenges we knew team work would be needed through out the day!!

Lap 1 were off!!! We’re on it Tillys doing her thing, I’m shouting at Del he’s politely taking my abuse then we get to the second to last corner and BANG Tilly jumps out the furs and gets grounded on a tree stump right in front of our mechanic Lewis, with some colourful language from Del and kicking of the car, Lewis comes to our rescue and helps us off the stump to finish the lap!!

the next few laps went nice and easy mastering the fiddles on the corners and learning the smoother gear changes we were upping our game, Until we got distracted on one of the first hairpins turned in too soon and Bang!! Yet again we were stuck on a tree stump!! But refusing to be defeated Del uses his beautiful language again, i try the softer calmer approach with Tilly we were free!! Dels seeing red mist in anger of getting held up by a mistake! Some well chosen words from me and insulting his driving he soon snapped out of it and we were back to flowing!!

We had a small issue with smashing the solenoid off the start and having to do an emergency change of that in the pits! However unfortunately there was an accident out on course and the event was held!

Unfortunately that would see the end of the event! However it turned out to be an ok event for us!

Hopefully the people who who were injured are on the mend!!

Loaded up and a convoy home back to driving school HQ!

Until next time....

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