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Experience Days

Off-roading like no other... 

Book a 4x4 off-roading experience we promise is not a glorified passenger ride. It's you vs the mud in one of our specially designed off-road cars. Tackle our purpose built course designed by expert off-road trials course builders which is full of steep inclines, mud pits, near verticle drops where you're at the wheel.


We have no age restrictions (well almost) nor do you need a driving license to participate.

A half day’s start time is 10 am and we finish around 1.00 pm.

A full day’s start time is 10 am and we finish around 4.00 pm.


The day starts with a short safety talk, then it's over to you.

This is the most driving you will do on one of these courses - we hear this from our customers! We couldn’t believe that on other days you're driven around. Throughout the day you will alternate with your passenger, believe us you'll be grateful for these breaks!


From £220 per Truck.

Book now

Our 4x4 cars are designed to be driven on rough and challenging terrain, we don't mind if they get knocked about.

Packed full of challenging 4x4 terrain,

this isn't just a drive in the country. 

We're just off of Junction 32 of the M4

in South Wales, noth of Cardiff

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