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Off-road adventure tailored to you


Tailor made packages for any number of people at any skill level.

Combine a day's driving with a day's Bush Mechanics to make a weekend of it, One-to-one Competitive Safari race-coaching, a session in your new overland-prepared vehicle or a family party day at our course; complete with picnic.

If you've got an idea for your perfect 4x4 day, we can make it happen.

mud off road, muddy good fun
mud, land rover, off road, muddy good fun
off road, muddy good fun, 4x4, location, wales

Our 4x4 cars are designed to be driven on rough and challenging terrain, we don't mind if they get knocked about.

Packed full of challenging 4x4 terrain,

this isn't just a drive in the country. 

We're just off of Junction 32 of the M4

in South Wales, noth of Cardiff

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