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Customise Your      Corporate  Experience 

Here at the 4X4 Driving School we under stand the importance of a Team working together, to their full protentional.

With the current Pandemic there has never been a better time to Build that team back together.

We understand ever team is different, whether it be an office team to a construction team. We understand the importance of making it the perfect way for your teams to work together and succeed and bring that morale back to the work place once you have left the team here.

What we can offer 

If you chose to bring you team to us here at the 4x4 Driving School here is what we can offer you:

  • Personal Itinerary Organiser 

  • Catering ( Bespoke to suit you From Hog roast BBQ to 5 Course Meal with marque

  • Shotgun Shoot

  • Tough Mudder (muddy good fun style) Team Building (Coming Soon) 

  • Photographer 

  • Drone Footage (weather Permitting)

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