The Ultimate Off-Road Experience

Muddy Good Fun

4x4 driving school cardiff South Wales -

Take the man of the day on an adventure for the day.

You'll be talking about yur 4x4 experience for years to come.

Get out of the rat race and into the mud.

Our corporate 4x4 off-roading packages are perfect to build team morale


Our specially designed 4x4 track is like no other.

Plus you do all the driving! 

4x4 driving school cardiff South Wales -

Give your hen a day to remember,

with a 4x4 off-roading expereince day.

Looking for something different?

Our 4x4 track promises to offer a great day out for that special someone. 

Polishing up on your skills or building up for a serious event. Our experts will get you up to speed on your 4x4 driving skills.

We can create the day you want. Get in contact today to make a tailor-made 4x4 driving experience for your needs.


The Cars

Our 4x4 cars are designed to be driven on rough and challenging terrain, we don't mind if they get knocked about.


The Course

Packed full of challenging 4x4 terrain,

this isn't just a drive in the country. 

The Location

We're just off of Junction 32 of the M4

in South Wales, noth of Cardiff


Our vehicles are true competition prepared off-road trials vehicles. They are based on the Land Rover chassis and all of them have been used in actual competition. Unlike other places, we don't mind if you bash them about a bit or get the seats covered in mud - its what they were built for!


The 4x4 course is packed with 90-degree banks, mud pits and slopes with lots of natural obstacles. It has been purpose-built by expert off-road trials course builders, meaning that this is the closest you will get to full-on trials driving without entering an actual competition.


Dreaming of Dakar & WRC? This is a fantastic foundation for budding off-road racing & rally drivers. You can build up your 4x4 driving skills from the ground up and you'll always be in the driving seat.


A half day’s start time is 10 am and we finish around 1.00pm.

A full day’s start time is 10 am and we finish around 4.00pm.


The day starts with a short safety talk, then it's over to you.


This is the most driving you will do on one of these courses - we hear this from our customers! We couldn’t believe that on other days you are driven around. Throughout the day you will alternate with your passenger, believe us you'll be grateful for these breaks!


For more information, or if you need to talk with someone about our days please call on


07812 210 484 and we will answer all queries.



We're located just north of Cardiff in South Wales.


Your safety is our number 1 priority.


Your questions answered all in one place.


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