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Off-road training

Off-road skills when they're needed!

If you use a 4x4 for your job, or your employees are expected to drive off-road when needed, we offer extensive training to give them the confidence and techniques to perform their job safely.


Our instruction can be 1-on-1 or in a group and lasts a full day's training.

Our courses include;

  • Introduction to safety aspects of 4x4 and off-road driving.

  • Confidently driving through mud and water obstacles.

  • Tackling inclines and descending safely.

  • Navigating wooded sections.

  • Correct assessment of terrain to maintain safety, stability and to prevent roll-overs.

  • Basic 4x4 vehicle maintenance.

If you believe you or your employee may encounter special or severe conditions we can include training for this in our courses.

4x4 driving school cardiff South Wales -

Our 4x4 cars are designed to be driven on rough and challenging terrain, we don't mind if they get knocked about.

Packed full of challenging 4x4 terrain,

this isn't just a drive in the country. 

We're just off of Junction 32 of the M4

in South Wales, noth of Cardiff

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